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 Durex combo pack condom (5 Different Variants)  Durex combo pack condom (5 Different Variants)
-20 %
Brand: Durex Model: HPN0000
 Durex Condom Combo Pack - All Variants (5 Variants )Maximize your pleasure with Durex Extra Dots condoms for men. These condoms have uniquely positioned raised dot texture designed to maximize stimulation for you and your partner.DETAILSMaximize your pleasure with Durex Extra Dots condoms for ..
₹.870.00 ₹.1,085.00
Ex Tax:₹.870.00
Baidyanath Vita Ex Gold - 20s Capsules
New -15 %
Brand: Baidyanath Model: 24OBAH001
Baidyanath Vita Ex Gold - 20s CapsulesENERGY BOOSTERS: Baidyanath Vita-Ex Gold is an Ayurvedic formulation that helps in maintaining strength and energy. Due to the hectic life schedule, our body starts losing its working capabilities and starts feeling lethargic that leads to fatigue. The natural a..
₹.405.00 ₹.475.00
Ex Tax:₹.405.00
Baidyanath Vita Ex Gold Plus 20s Capsules
New -13 % Out Of Stock
Brand: Baidyanath Model: 24OBAH002
Baidyanath Vita Ex Gold Plus 20s CapsulesVita Ex Gold Plus is an all-natural ayurvedic formula that can strengthen a man and imbibe sexual desire in him. It is a non-hormonal vitalizer cum tonic, which helps to restore energy, vigour and stamina. Vita Ex Gold Plus does not come with any diet restric..
₹.668.00 ₹.765.00
Ex Tax:₹.668.00
Balaji Breast Care Capsules and Oil (Combi Pack) Balaji Breast Care Capsules and Oil (Combi Pack)
-4 % Out Of Stock
Brand: Balaji Ayurved Model: HPN0000
Balaji Breast Care Capsules & Oil (Combi Pack)Product DescriptionBoth these products are enriched with rare for herbs which help improve & develop muscles & tissues. Brest care helps in toning & conditioning of skin, naturally paving the way for a shapely body. As it is an Ayurv..
₹.430.00 ₹.450.00
Ex Tax:₹.430.00
DA Sutra 30 X Tablet
Hot -20 % In Stock
Model: 24OBAC
₹.210.00 ₹.264.00
Ex Tax:₹.210.00
Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer Antiseptic Hand Wash - 200 ml
-5 % In Stock
Brand: Reckitt Benckiser Model: HPN536
Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer (200 ml)With Dettol hand sanitizer in your bag or pocket, you don’t have to think twice before ruffling your dog’s ears or playing frisbee with him. This instant sanitizer comes in handy to clean the germs while you are away from home either at office or at school.The c..
₹.218.00 ₹.230.00
Ex Tax:₹.218.00
Model: HPN540
 Dettol Skincare Ph-Balanced Hand Wash Squeezy Pack- 110mlMany of us get our hands dirty while doing the household chores and hence have no choice but to cleanse them again and again. This increases the chances of dryness and peeling of your skin. To help you keep your hands clean and moisturis..
₹.30.00 ₹.33.00
Ex Tax:₹.30.00
Durex Air Ultra Thin Condom 10s
Hot -17 %
Brand: Durex Model: HPN0000
Durex Ultra Thin Air Condoms -10pcs packThe Durex Air condoms take on two of your biggest quests, complete intimacy and total protection. They are durable and are tested to withstand breakage.Greater Sensitivity and IntimacyThese ultra-thin condoms fit like second skin, so you and your partner can e..
₹.180.00 ₹.217.00
Ex Tax:₹.180.00
Durex Bubblegum flavoured condoms 10s Durex Bubblegum flavoured condoms 10s
New -13 %
Brand: Durex Model: HPN0011
Durex Bubblegum flavoured condoms 10sProduct informationBubblegum Flavour - Maximize the pleasure of oral sex, with these Exciting Bubblegum flavoured condoms!Ribbed Texture - Designed especially to enhance the pleasure and stimulation of sex.Extra Safety - One can never be too careful. Indulge in t..
₹.130.00 ₹.150.00
Ex Tax:₹.130.00
Durex Cheeky Cherry Lubricant -50 ml
Hot -22 %
Brand: Durex Model: 24EBPC293
Durex Cheeky Cherry Lubricant -50 mlIntroduce this Durex Play Tingle lubricant to your lovemaking when you want to add an extra zing to your intimate moments. This menthol- and fragrance-free lubricant features a unique blend of ingredients that will create a warm, cool and tingling sensat..
₹.370.00 ₹.475.00
Ex Tax:₹.370.00
Durex Combo Pack Naughty in bed Durex Combo Pack Naughty in bed
New -20 %
Brand: Durex Model: 24OBHPC007
Durex Combo Pack Naughty in bedProduct informationWhether you’re heading on a romantic getaway with your partner or want to make sure you’re well-prepared for your travels, this Durex combo comes equipped with one of our best seling condoms and play ringContents of the pack:Durex Mutual Climax - 10 ..
₹.585.00 ₹.730.00
Ex Tax:₹.585.00
Durex Extra Dot Condoms - 10 Units
Hot -17 %
Brand: Durex Model: 24OBHP000
Durex Extra Dot Condoms - 10 UnitsContains special climax-control lubricant, Benzocaine, that helps him last longerStraight walled & teat ended condoms that smell goodTransparent & lubricated natural rubber latex condoms100% electronically testedComplies to ISO 4074 StandardsLength: 180..
₹.180.00 ₹.217.00
Ex Tax:₹.180.00
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