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Unwanted 72 Tablet 5 Pcs Rs-75

Unwanted 72 Tablet 5 Pcs Rs-75
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Unwanted 72 Tablet 5 Pcs Rs-75
Unwanted 72 Tablet (5 Pcs)

Product Details
Emergency Contraception is slowly emerging as the need of the hour. Various medical interventions have been employed to prevent pregnancy from accidental or unintended coital exposure. Intra Uterine Devices which were earlier used for emergency contraception have now lost out to hormonal drugs. These have proven efficacy and are inherently convenient to use. Among the hormonal pills, unwanted 72 emergency contraceptive pill offers the advantage of single drug single dose intake versus any combination pill that needs higher and more doses. Unwanted 72 not only minimizes side effects but is solid in efficacy for preventing unwanted pregnancies arising out of unplanned coital acts. Unwanted 72 is not only readily available but comfortable and covert to use for emergency contraception.

You will get
5 pcs x Unwanted 72 Emergency Contraceptive pill

Direction for Use
Pill needs to be taken as soon as possible but not later than 72 hours after unprotected sex. The earlier you take it the more elective it will be.

Keep in Mind
Please refer to the enclosed insert for more information.
Keep the medicines out of reach of children.
Storage : Store in a cool, dry and dark place, 

Caution : Pill should not be used as substitute for a condom of any other regular contraceptive method,
Pill does not prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases or HIV/AIDS.

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