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Volini pain relief Spray Jambo Pack (100g)

Volini pain relief Spray Jambo Pack (100g)
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Volini pain relief Spray Jambo Pack (100g)
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Ranboxy Volini pain relief Spray

India’s No.1 selling pain relief spray.
Has micro particles which allow deeper
penetration of ingredients for quick relief.
It is very easy to carry & convenient to use.

Product Details

Volini spray is a scientifically formulated superior pain reliever by Ranbaxy, It has a unique quick absorb formula which gets quickly and completely absorbed into the skin to give quicker, better and longer lasting relief.Volini spray gives real pain relief.It also gives a unique cooling sensation, moderate enough so that. there's no feeling of burning after applying it.

Volini is a modern day pain reliever, scientifically formulated for effective pain relief. It is available in two forms – Gel & Spray. It can be used for Joint, Back, Neck & Shoulder pains, sprains & strains. #90% of the people who tried Volini found it better than their current pain relieving cream. By using Volini gel they experienced quicker, better & long lasting relief.

You will get

1 X  Ranboxy Volini  Spray

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